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Activated Charcoal is a fine, odorless black powder made by exposing sources of carbon rich products to extremely high levels of heat.

Ideal for detoxification and cleansing; it’s one of the most versatile beauty products for face, also valued for maintaining healthy digestion, for use w/stomach aches and supporting colon, candida cleanse. Our Food Grade Charcoal is also ideal for dogs and other pets. The powder can also be used to lighten underarms.


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I had diarrhea and stomach ache so much so I could not go to work because I felt weak. I mixed the activated charcoal and water and I got relieved. Good product
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Nedum Anyanwu
Verified Customer
Love the activated charcoal, it leaves the face feeling amazing after a face mask and the teeth whitener just leaves your mouth feeling fresh. Glad i ordered their products.
koalture activated charcoal
Verified Customer
Your Bath Soak is amazing. So soothing on the body after bath and dissolves quickly even in cold water. Your activated charcoal powder is a quick remedy for all stomach issues.
Verified Customer


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