Body Butter

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Our skin nourishing body butter is prepared from natural ingredients that have amazing skin rejuvenating properties to keep your skin fresh and glowing. Our all-natural shea butter is blended perfectly with cocoa butter for complete moisturization of your skin all day long. The oils and Vitamin E added to our whipped body butter work magic by clearing the skin of oxidants and debris within the skin pores that cause wrinkles, fine lines, and acne breakouts.
The 7 active ingredients we use to make our exclusive body butter include:
Shea butter – Instantly soothes dry skin
Coconut oil – Nourishing and antioxidant properties
Avocado oil – Antioxidant properties
Cocoa butter – improves blood flow for a glowing skin
Glycerin – Moisturizing effects
Vit. E – Protects the skin from harmful UV radiation

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