Lip Balm

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Koalture’s skin experts have made this product with a focus to solve dry lips seen during extreme harmattan. Cold and wind can quickly damage unmoisturized lips. Our lip butter has all the essential moisturizing ingredients blended in a perfect ratio for the best possible results. When applied, our butter gets absorbed into the lips for instant hydration and moisturization. The best pick for harmattan.

  • Beeswax – Natural emulsifier, helps retain moisture
  • Cocoa butter – All natural moisturizer
  • Vegetable fat – Effective against chapped lips
  • Castor oil – Promotes skin hydration
  • Coconut oil – Antimicrobial effects
  • Flavour oil – A cosmetic oil
  • Peppermint oil – Heals cracked lips
This item: Lip Balm
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